Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feast or Famine

Time flies when you are having a good time, they say. I guess I'm having a blast. Since the last post I have been working steadily on my personal cook trailer. The frame is 2x3 rectangluar tube measuring 8' wide and 14' long on a 3,500 axle. It has the obligatory 40 gallon waste tank, 30 gallon fresh water tank, l/p water heater, three hole sink, and stainless steel shelving. Carrying two cookers it weighs in around 2,000 lbs without supplies or water. The smoker is a custom design between a Backwoods and an off set using a counter flow approach. Works extremely well with draft contral via Guru's Cyberque II. The five racks allows for two cases of spare ribs or 15 Boston Butts. The other cooker is a 275 gallon pork steak grill that will convert 85 pork steaks at one time into pig love at first bite everytime. The smoker is mounted at the rear and the grill at the front.

While working on the cook trailer a friend of mine from Boy Scouts called and wanted to talk about a grill at camp. More on that next time. Hope you all have a great christmas and have many memories of family, friends and new acquintances!


  1. How cool! I bet your cook trailer is going to be amazing. Do you make your own custom smokers? I am trying to convince my husband to buy one, I love the taste of smoked meat.

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